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Sep 20th, 2012 Root Canal treatment in Central London Get in touch

If you are finding that a tooth is causing you severe discomfort when you bite down on it or whenever you expose the tooth to hot and cold temperatures, it is an indication that you are suffering from tooth decay, which has been caused by poor oral hygiene: nipped in the bud, your dentist in central London may only have to administer a filling, but if it is worse than that and the whole of the tooth has become infected inside, you will need root canal treatment. This involves getting inside the tooth and removing the infected pulp first before the roots can be drilled out. Then the tooth is disinfected before being filled and then crowned- this is the only method around today if the tooth is to be saved. History states however that in the past, this could be quite a painful treatment, even with anaesthetics- roots can grow in all directions and removing them can be awkward using a traditional drill. Today though, the procedure is as easy to do as any other treatment thanks to laser technology and being precise and quick, it removes the need for anaesthetics, so you can be in and out in next to no time.


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