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Feb 13th, 2010 Root canal treatment is explained in simple terms by a West London dentist Get in touch

Root canal treatment is a complicated procedure, and therefore it is usually only done in extreme cases. The treatment is given to patients who are constantly prone to infection in a particular tooth, rather than lose the tooth the treatment saves what is an otherwise healthy tooth. The procedure is about as painful as any other treatment, in other words you won’t usually feel a thing during the process. First of all the dentist will drill into the cavity of the tooth called the Pulp Chamber, and remove any infection that remains. Then further drilling will remove the nerve ends and any blood vessels that serve the tooth. What is left is a hole in the centre of the tooth, this is then filled with an antibacterial based substance, the most common used is Gutta-Percha which is a natural latex made from the sap of a tropical tree. Once the cavity is filled it is allowed to harden, then a crown is used to top it off and make the tooth harder to prevent the filling wearing away. The main reason that a dentist will recommend a root canal treatment is to prevent any more infections that keep occurring to a tooth, this can be caused by a crack in the tooth that allows bacteria to find its way deep into a tooth and constantly infect the root. The problem is often exasperated by the fact that even the best of antibiotics fail to kill all the bacteria that has embedded itself in the pulp chamber. With a root canal treatment it leaves no room for an infection to get a grip, and a tooth is given another chance to serve the patient for many more years.

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