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Apr 22nd, 2016 Royally Protect Your Teeth with a Dental Crown Get in touch

4683491_blogEveryone wants to be treated like royalty and our teeth are no exception. A dental crown will make sure your teeth has as much protection as a high ranking official. Crowns are basically little caps that rest upon a damaged tooth, shielding it from damage whilst at the same time restoring it to its former beauty.

When would I need a dental crown?

Unfortunately, you are only crowned in the dental world if you’ve sustained some damage to your tooth. If you’ve suffered a fracture and there’s no hope of repair, or your tooth is too severely decayed to bear a filling, the chances are you need a crown.

Sometimes, crowns are fitted for purely aesthetic reasons, but they are the treatment of choice for protection following root canal surgery.

Regal benefits

Crowns are strong, sturdy restorations and when properly cared for can rein solidly for up to 10 years. They look natural and will fit in beautifully with your other teeth, as well as preserving and strengthening a weak and damaged tooth.

The coronation

After your consultation, your dentist will prepare your tooth to be crowned.

This begins with a cleansing, before the decay removal takes place. Once your tooth is decay-free, it may require shaping to allow a perfect fit for your dental crown. Once the tooth has been prepared, you will be fitted with a temporary crown whilst your permanent one is created.

Crown construction takes between two and three weeks and once it’s ready, we’ll coarsen the exterior of your tooth before fitting your brand new restoration. The reason we do this is to provide the best possible surface for the bonding cement used to secure your crown. Once your crown is fitted, you’ll be free to give us a royal wave goodbye and leave your dental woes behind for good!

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