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Sep 21st, 2010 Safer teeth with porcelain crown from London W1 dentist Get in touch

When teeth are affected by decay and disease they can become fragile and exposed to further complications. The same is true when they are damaged due to some kind of physical trauma and are cracked. If the tooth is not protected, it can become infected which is not only very painful but can lead to losing the tooth.

In situations where teeth are damaged and cannot be repaired with a filling or more simple treatment, a London W1 dentist may need to use a dental crown. Crowns are caps that fit over the top of the existing tooth covering all parts of it that are exposed above the gums. In this way they act as a barrier to offer protection to the teeth.

Crowns can be made of a number of materials including metal (or even gold or silver for the more adventurous patients) but more and more commonly they are being made from porcelain because it is not only very durable but also closely resembles the appearance of tooth enamel.

Porcelain crowns will be specially designed to fit you mouth and look like your existing teeth. The dentist will prepare the tooth to be crown by removing any signs of disease and infection, before etching the tooth to give more grip. The crown will then be fixed using cosmetic bonding. This will hold the crown firmly in place and also offer an added layer of protection.

Porcelain crowns will last for about ten to fifteen years before they need replacing depending on how well they are looked after. The crown will restore the appearance of your damaged tooth as well as protecting it from further damage allowing to carrying on with your life confident that your teeth are safe.

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