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Oct 1st, 2012 Saving your teeth with a Root Canal in London W1 Get in touch

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in your mouth and one of the worst things you may come up against in London W1 is tooth decay. Now like all problems, your dentist will try to treat you as soon as anything crops up like this, and with good reason when it comes to tooth decay. Normally, the early signs of a problem will manifest themselves in the form of pain when you eat or expose the tooth to hot or cold temperatures. This can normally be treated with a filling unless the decay has advanced into the inside of the tooth and infected the pulp and the roots, which means that a root canal is required in order to save the tooth. On paper, and as history proved, this used to be a complex and painful treatment, as once the pulp has been removed, the roots need to be drilled out: a simple operation if the roots were straight, but as we know roots can grow in all directions meaning that in some cases, the dentist would have to come in through the gums and side of the tooth to get to the root. Lasers have made this part of the process very simple today and once this stage of the procedure is complete, the tooth is disinfected and then filled and topped off with a crown if need be.

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