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Nov 26th, 2014 Say Goodbye to Gummy Smiles in London Get in touch

658156_blogWhile gummy smiles shouldn’t cause any pain or suffering, they can have a real impact on a person’s confidence and this can be equally distressing. With innovative laser treatment, we are able to banish gummy smiles for good, leaving you with a beautiful, balanced smile and improved self-esteem.

What is a gummy smile?

This is the name given to describe the look of the smile when the crowns are covered by a significant quantity of gum tissue. As a result, the teeth tend to appear small and it can affect the balance and aesthetic of the smile. If you feel that there is too much gum tissue on view when you smile and it’s getting you down, we have the treatments to help.

This is a cosmetic issue and it doesn’t cause any pain or swelling or any other unpleasant symptoms. However, if you’re unhappy with the aesthetic of your smile, this can be really damaging for your self-confidence. With treatment, we are able to make patients feel much more comfortable and confident when they smile, meet new people for the first time and speak in public.

What does treatment involve?

We use laser treatment to produce incredible results with minimal hassle and no pain. Using laser technology, we remove tiny pieces of the gum tissue to make the teeth look longer and larger. When you show your teeth, there will be less gum tissue and more tooth tissue on show and this will create a much more attractive balance. With laser treatment, healing is incredibly quick, the patient will not feel any pain and there will be minimal bleeding. The risk of infection is also much lower than traditional techniques and the process is less daunting for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

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