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Oct 7th, 2016 Say Goodbye to Painful Wisdom Teeth! Get in touch

wisdom tooth Wisdom teeth are notoriously problematic and although they don’t cause problems for everyone, some people experience severe pain. In such cases, it can be better to remove the teeth rather than leaving them in place. Your dentist may advise you to have your wisdom tooth extracted should it be impacted, or if it is causing severe pain. This may also be the case if the tooth is affecting neighbouring teeth, or if it decays before fully erupting.

What does surgery involve?

The main reason people experience pain and discomfort when their wisdom teeth push through is a lack of space in the jaw. If there is not enough space for the teeth to develop, they will start to grow against each other (become impacted). Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful and it is often best to remove the affected tooth.

Some procedures are straightforward, while others are more complex. This depends on the location and position of the tooth. Your dentist will examine your mouth and then explain how the procedure will work. You will be anaesthetised during the procedure in order to prevent any pain and we also provide sedation for nervous patients.

What are the risks?

As with all surgical procedures, wisdom tooth removal does carry risks. Your dentist will explain all the risks to you beforehand and the procedure will only be recommended when the benefits outweigh the risks.

Possible risks of wisdom tooth extraction include dry socket, a painful condition that occurs when the blood clot doesn’t form over the tooth socket, and potential nerve damage. In some cases, during the procedure there can be contact between the mouth and the sinus after removal of the tooth. This is uncommon but if it does happen the patient will be prescribed medication. For more information on wisdom tooth complications please contact Aqua Dental Clinic in the heart of London.

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