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Jun 9th, 2015 Say “So Long” to Sensitivity Get in touch

2839658_blogWith the lure of cool, refreshing drinks and ice creams on the horizon as summer approaches, now is the perfect time to say ‘so long’ to sensitivity for good. If you get pain when you bite into a crisp apple or sip on a hot cup of tea, call us today!

What is sensitivity and what causes it?

Sensitivity is a feeling of pain you get when your teeth are exposed to cold air and cold or hot foods and drinks. Sometimes the pain is mild, but in severe cases it can be intense and have a major impact on your diet as well as your day to day life.

Sensitivity occurs when the enamel layer found on the exterior of the tooth becomes weak or worn and the dentine layer becomes exposed. The dentine lies beneath the enamel and contains the nerves, which is why you feel pain. The most common cause of sensitivity is acid erosion caused by acidic and sugary foods and drinks like fizzy pop, wine, fruit juice, cakes, biscuits and sweets. Most people experience sensitivity when they eat or drink hot or cold foods such as ice cream, soup, hot drinks or ice-cold cans of pop.

How do we deal with sensitivity?

There are various solutions for sensitivity, including enamel repair sensitivity toothpaste, which helps to provide relief for pain and protection for the enamel and treatments to address the cause of sensitivity. If you have a cavity, for example, and this is contributing to heightened sensitivity, we may recommend filling the cavity. This involves placing layers of dental composite inside the cavity to plaster over the hole in the enamel, strengthen the tooth and reduce pain and sensitivity. In more extreme cases, where the tooth is severely infected, we may need to carry out root canal treatment. This becomes an option when the pulp, the living tissue of the tooth found in the dentine layer, becomes infected or damaged.

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