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Feb 17th, 2011 Scaling and polishing from Central London dentists effectively cleans teeth Get in touch

Even if you are the most rigorous of brushers and floss effectively too, it is hard to recreate the feeling of having had your teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist. This is because of the special equipment that they use which allows them to clean your teeth with a far greater depth than you could ever manage at home.

Professional dental clean involve the processes of scaling and polishing. Scaling is the physical act of scraping away built up plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth with a small and sharp hook. This process is an essential part of the fight against tooth decay, caused by plaque attacking the enamel on your teeth.

Once plaque takes hold it can form into tartar which cannot be removed by tooth brushing alone and must be dealt with in the surgery. Another good reason to get tartar removed is that it is an unsightly brown colour and makes your teeth look less attractive. The process of scaling is a generally painful procedure, with dentists increasingly concerned about relaxing their patients while they are in the surgery.

Once scaled, an electric polisher is used to buff the teeth. This not only makes them look whiter but the extra smoothness achieved leaves plaque with less rough patches to cling onto. This too, is a painless process.

The benefits if scaling a polishing are easy to see. It is much better to let your dentist help you with your oral hygiene than excluding him or her from the process. After scaling and polishing from your Central London dentist you will have a brighter smile, your teeth will feel great and you will experience greater peace of mind knowing that plaque and tartar have been removed from your mouth.

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