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Jan 9th, 2012 Scaling and Polishing your Teeth in West London Get in touch


When you check-in for your twice-yearly MOT with your dentist in west London, they will look for any signs of gum disease and tooth decay and then attend to the problem to ensure that your mouth remains healthy. However, if you are showing signs that your teeth and gums are having problems, then they will sign you over to a hygienist to have a proper clean. What a hygienist will do is to get in deep and personal with your mouth and give your mouth a very intimate clean. This will involve scaling at first to remove any tartar from around the base of the teeth. But after that, they will delve below the gum line to ensure that your teeth are clean to the root. This may need repeating on regular occasions because as soon as problems such as these arise, you are going to have to keep on top of the problem and work hard to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and free of disease. Once your hygienist is satisfied with the scaling, they will also administer a damn good polishing in order to keep the surface of your teeth smooth in order to stop the build up of foodstuffs that lead to the build up of plaque. Just by having these two treatments done regularly, you will ensure that you give you teeth a chance to survive.

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