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Sep 5th, 2011 See a West London dentist for scaling and polishing: that extra help with cleaning your teeth Get in touch

At the dental surgery you can have scaling and polishing done to get your teeth extra clean. This will usually be carried out at your regular six month check up and is a great help in the fight against the damaging effects of plaque erosion on your teeth.

Even with the worthiest of efforts when it comes to brushing and flossing your teeth, it is still possible for plaque to remain on the teeth and then harden into tartar. This substance cannot be removed with your tooth brush at home and the only way for you to rid yourself of it is to get your dentist to undertake scaling and polishing.

The two parts of scaling and polishing have slightly different functions. The scaling part is concerned with removing the stubborn tartar so that it cannot initiate a process of erosion on your teeth leading to cavity formation. This is carried out with what are essentially miniature hooks that scrape away at the tartar.

The polishing part of the process is, as the name suggests, a process of polishing the surfaces of teeth. This not only makes them look and feel better but it also means that plaque cannot stick to the teeth as easily.

At your next six months check up with your dentist in West London you may well be given scaling and polishing if you have tartar that needs removing.

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