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Jun 2nd, 2010 See the future of dentistry –Cerec at West London dentist Get in touch

Cerec has only recently become available for dentists to use and only a small number of them currently have the technology. However, there can be little doubt that Cerec represents the future of dentistry. Cerec has been made possible by the advent of another key technological advancement, namely the digital x-ray. Thus form of three-dimensional imaging has allowed the dentist to have access to an instant picture of the patient’s teeth, without having to wait for the images to develop. This means the dentist can see the size and scale of the problem immediately, and more importantly, can use this image to design a new dental restoration on the computer.

Now comes the really clever bit, when the dentist is satisfied with the new restoration they can then send the information to a computer-guided mill, which manufactures the new crown or veneer from a single piece of porcelain. This can be especially chosen to closely match the colour of the patient’s existing tooth enamel. This whole manufacturing process can take as little as six minutes per tooth, which when compared to the two weeks a dental crown used to take, it is quite a remarkable leap forward. To fond put more about Cerec and to see if it could be suitable for you, ask your West London dentist at your next appointment.

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