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Aug 9th, 2013 Sending Periodontal Disease Packing In London W1 Get in touch

429735_blogYour mouth will forever be under threat from plaque throughout your life and the only way to ensure that you remain free of it is to maintain a good level of oral hygiene and keep up with visits to see your dentist, because if you don’t, well then listen up people of London W1 because a horror story is to come. Plaque is literally the root of all evil and if not removed it will harden into tartar at the base of your teeth and then begin to infect your gums with disease. It will also lead to tooth decay if left unchallenged and with this two pronged attack going on, it will rip your teeth and gums apart, and then lead to bone decay under the teeth- periodontal disease. If things have got this bad, your teeth will soon start to fall out and you run the risk of a heart condition as well; the longer you leave it, the more and more it becomes harder to treat and it will involve very costly tissue and bone grafts if you have any chance of saving your mouth. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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