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Jun 1st, 2012 Serious Dental Injuries can Occur while Playing Sports, Ask Your Local London Dentist for Advice Get in touch

There are several different dental injuries that can occur when playing sports. The most common injuries are fracturing, the breaking or chipping of a tooth, or ‘avulsion’, the loss of a whole tooth. These injuries are most common with contact sports such as martial arts, boxing, or rugby but are a risk with any energetic activity.

As always, prevention is better than cure. The two most effective forms of protection during contact sports are helmets and mouth guards. Helmets protect the entire head, including the mouth and teeth are very effective at stopping dental injuries. Mouth guards offer protection to the mouth and are especially recommended for sports with high rates of facial impacts, such as boxing and rugby.

Even with the best protection, injuries can still occur. If they do, a visit to your local London dentist is essential. If a tooth has been knocked out of your mouth you should attempt to implant it back into its original position, being careful not to touch the root, before immediately visiting your local dentist. The dentist will be able to use a dental splint to hold a tooth back into its position. The splint will need to remain in place for several weeks depending on the extent of the damage, but there is an excellent chance of full recovery.

If your tooth is chipped, the dentist will be able to using natural coloured filling to fix the damage. Severe breaks can sometimes damage the root of the tooth, causing the nerve to die and require a greater level of treatment. Sometimes the damaged tooth can be saved through root canal treatment, including the eventual use of a filling or crown. If the damage is extensive your dentist may recommend removing the tooth and the use of an artificial replacement. Whatever is necessary your dentist will be able to leaving you with a natural-looking, fully functional tooth.

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