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Nov 19th, 2013 Sex and the city: the 6 Months Smile seduces Central London Get in touch

3492515_blogFixed braces have never been the favourite choice to get your teeth straightened and what with the amazing array of options available today, it is quite easy to be seduced by some of the fast and sexy aligners around on the market in central London. However, if your needs are quite intricate and complex, fixed braces prevail in these situations as they work with incredible precision on the teeth. They have also gone through their own makeover in order to make them easier to wear, whilst still doing their job- just take a look at the 6 Months Smile. This utilises all of the science built up over the years with traditional braces, and then modernises the whole theory, using softer, more natural materials so that the brace looks discreet in the mouth. It also goes to work quickly on the prominent teeth that show their hand when you smile. The brace is regularly tightened by your dentist as the teeth move and before you know it the treatment will be over in as little as 6 months. It is competitively priced, and as long as you learn to control your oral hygiene throughout, it won’t be long before your smile is rich once more.


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