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Apr 23rd, 2013 Sexy teeth in 6 Months in Central London Get in touch

Traditional fixed braces are never going to get the peoples vote when it comes to getting your teeth straightened in central London. They are seen as clunky, unsightly and in the scheme of things, take far to long to work. But, fixed braces can address very complex situations and have a right to be in the world of orthodontics, whether you like it or not. However, the 6 Months Brace has taken all of this on board and raised the stakes a bit. It utilises all the theories that traditional braces offer and then taken them to a new level. How this device works is primarily on teeth that offend the eye, though it will work on all manner of teething issues such as bite problems and overcrowding. It is manufactured with discretion in mind, so the ceramic plates and wires will be colour coded to match the rest of your teeth. When you embark on the treatment, you will have to pop in and see your dentist in order to have the brace tightened, but it won’t be for long. The clue is in the title here- this works very fast and before you know it, the treatment will over with and all of your teeth problems will be in the past.


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