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Jun 6th, 2013 Shaping up with a bit of Cosmetic Bonding in Central London Get in touch

If you don’t have much time to spare in the day to get a nice new looking smile on your face, you need something that is fast and furious, whilst restoring the way you look and making you look marvellous. With cosmetic bonding, it can be done in less than an hour, but it will also be amazing and put back confidence into the way you smile in Central London. Using colour resins that fit into the general ambience of your mouth, they will slowly be built up layer by layer until things like gaps, wear and cracks are completely hidden away behind the resin. Once enough has been applied to the teeth, it’s just a matter of shaping and polishing your new looking set of teeth. It is also brilliant for covering up signs of receding gums or discoloured teeth and is so versatile that if the effects start to fade some years down the line (and it is likely because the resin is porous and prone to staining), all you have to do is go back for a touch-up and you are back on track again. This is also not only one of the fastest treatments you can get but it is also by far and away the cheapest and for what it is and does, it is truly remarkable.


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