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Oct 18th, 2013 Shearing up the gaps with Lumineers in West London Get in touch

3428792_blogIf you are having problems with your teeth looking a little old and jaded, it can play havoc with the way you project yourself to the general public. But not to worry, because you can cover away your problems very easily by getting some Lumineers put over your teeth. These are very thin porcelain plates that are made-up from moulds taken from your teeth and when they are ready, the process of putting them in couldn’t be simpler. All it takes is for your teeth to have a clean up first and then the Lumineers are cemented straight onto the surfaces of the enamel; after being ‘cured’ and set with a heat source, and then cleaned, you are fit to go. The results will be amazing and your ugly old smile will be transformed into something very special indeed; gone will be any gaps, signs of receding gums and any other issues you may have had. They aren’t as resilient as full porcelain veneers, but they are cheaper and less damaging to the surfaces of your teeth below, and you will get anywhere from 5 years upwards use out of them if you look after yourself. West London is lucky to have Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey serving the area and they can tell you all you need to know about this precious little treatment, including the costs involved

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