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Feb 3rd, 2014 Simpli5: the simple solution to your orthodontic needs in the city of London Get in touch

iStock_000005952498SmallIf you thought you had to wait years for orthodontic treatment to work, think again! Simpli5 is a simple, quick and convenient treatment system, which employs a series of five aligners to move the teeth and straighten the smile.

Simpli5 aligners are custom-made according to a tailored treatment plan, which plots tooth movement for a perfect outcome; each aligner is worn for between 2 and 4 weeks, with a total treatment time of 10-20 weeks. As most treatments take at least 12 months to work, this is an amazingly quick option and one which is likely to be hugely appealing to those who only require a limited amount of movement.

Simpli5 is designed to benefit those with minor orthodontic issues and is an ideal choice for patients who would prefer a more discreet treatment than traditional fixed braces; Simpli5 aligners are made from light, clear plastic and they are virtually invisible so your treatment won’t interfere with your social life or affect your image in any way. So many people are put off having treatment because they don’t want to wear unsightly braces and now this isn’t a problem; you can get the smile you want without any worries about how you will look once treatment begins.

If you’re looking for a fast-acting, highly effective removable brace, which also offers comfort and convenience, Simpli5 could be a great choice. There are no metal parts, no pain and most importantly, no visible braces!


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