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Jul 26th, 2012 Six Month Brace from London W1 Dentist Could Change Your Life Get in touch

You know longer need to wait years with an uncomfortable brace in order to have straight teeth. Help is now available from the Six Month Brace treatment program on offer from your London W1 dentist. Not only is the Six Month Brace quicker but the brace is very inconspicuous and unnoticeable to other people.

Quit hiding your mouth in public, after the Six Month Brace you will be able to hold your head up high, full of confidence. The braces have been designed to address several different issues. If your teeth are overly crowded the brace can be adjusted to exert pressure on the teeth to move away from each other, creating a more even spacing. Or, if the opposite is the case, the brace can also be made to gently pressure your teeth closer together to close any unwanted gaps. Teeth often develop asymmetrically, the Six Month Brace is able to account for these unbalances and put appropriate pressure on different sides until your smile becomes symmetrical. Six Month Brace is not appropriate for fixing over or under bites due the design of the brace. If you need to address such problems your dentist will be happy to talk you through alternative possibilities.

Once the brace is fitted you will meet with the dentist several times over the coming months to allow them to check on progress. As the name suggests, six months is the aim within which to fix your teeth, it can sometime be quicker or slower than this, though it is almost always quicker than traditional braces.

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