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Dec 27th, 2013 Sleeping badly- Bruxism in London W1 Get in touch

4547064_blogLondon W1 demands a lot of you: it requires you to work hard so that you can play hard and generally exist in the city. However, you may not notice stress creeping up on you and one of the ways it displays itself is through grinding your teeth- bruxism. If you can’t chill out after a hard days work, you may well find yourself chewing your teeth and jaws off when you sleep at night and this is dangerously destructive. You can protect your teeth with a mouth-guard, but this won’t stop the action and you need to analyse what is getting you heated/upset during the day. You may need professional help and get a little bit of anger management and stress relief in order to battle this problem. Chilling out at the end of the day is imperative and by relaxing with a hot bath, music, a good TV programme, avoiding caffeine and even soothing odours burning away in the room can help calm you down. If you don’t tackle this problem, then you are looking at a very dangerous future. Grinding will not only hammer your teeth, but it will wreck your jaw joints and this will lead to tinnitus, problems in your head, neck and upper back- it can also affect your central nervous system. If you have regular check-ups with your dentist, teeth grinding can be spotted straight away and then you can do something quickly.

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