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Jun 3rd, 2013 Smashing Smiling in only 6 Months in London Get in touch

Traditional fixed braces often get a lot of bad press and people loathe wearing them. The first issue is that they look awful when they are in and make your mouth look like a scrap-yard. Second, they can be in for years and it can be murderous keeping them clean and maintaining your oral health throughout the treatment. The flip-side is though that they can overcome very complex teeth issues and because they take their time, they straighten the teeth with absolute precision better than these wham-bam fast aligners. Taking all this on board though, there is a variation on the theme that works fast and with precision in London- the 6 Months Brace: it works on all manner of issues by concentrating on specific problem teeth that affect the way you smile. Using modern and discreet materials, a wire is threaded through a series of ceramic plates and then anchored at the back of the mouth. To keep the teeth going, it is tightened regularly by your dentist until the treatment is over, but throughout though, you need to be extra vigilant when cleaning the brace, though the person fitting it will be able to advise you on this.


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