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Jun 13th, 2011 Smiling again with Dental Implants in Central London Get in touch

Imagine, you’ve lost all your teeth an all you feel is left is a life of dentures and old age- not the prettiest of scenarios. Ok how about this then: imagine you’ve lost all your teeth but what you have to look forward to is a completely new set that will be with you until the end- bit better eh? And it’s no fantasy either because that’s the magic and freedom that dental implants promise. Walk into most dentists in central London and you’ll find this treatment on offer; it’s amazing to think there was a time not so long ago when you’d have to go overseas for this. The reason why implants are commonplace these days is because of the leap in technology and how it has made implants easy to fit and so most dentists can carry it out. With digital imaging for precise placement, key-hole laser surgery that does minimal damage to the jaw and gums and with the addition of plasma proteins in the healing process, dentists are offering crazy times to complete the whole treatment. In some cases, people have had an implant fitted along with the tooth in one day! However, everyone has different bodies and in certain cases, the patient has had to have bone and tissue grafting before the treatment could begin. This obviously can put back the period of completion, but let’s think about the original scenario again: dentures or implants?!

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