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Apr 24th, 2011 Smiling and Botox in the City of London Get in touch

On first consideration, you may find yourself wondering what on earth botox has got to do with dentistry, but as you delve deeper it all makes perfect sense. Not content with meddling, fixing and making you look beautiful in the mouth, those canny old dentists in the city of London have moved onto the area around the mouth. And the reason why can be summed up in one word- injections. When dentists inject your gums prior to treatment, they use a specially designed needle that will administer the anesthetic with pinpoint accuracy, for the best effect. Pretty much the same way botox is delivered into the skin, so it’s not surprising that dentists have spread the wings quite naturally to include botox treatments in their repertoire. As we get older, some of us may develop wrinkles around the lips, less flatteringly termed ‘crows feet’ (smokers particularly suffer from this). From a vanity angle, it seems only natural that after spending thousands on your teeth, you would want to beautify your lips too; after all, lips + teeth = smile! And it’s generally the first impression you get when you meet someone for the first time. Injecting botox takes around an hour to complete, but it reverses the wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles around them. There may be a little discomfort at first, but the affects are immediately sensational; and all this without getting out of the chair you had your teeth cleaned in! Don’t you just love going to your dentist now!

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