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Aug 26th, 2012 Smiling in 6 Months in London W1 Get in touch

Teeth have their own way of growing and the results can be devastating to your smile. You can end up with cross biting, over/under biting, bucked or crooked teeth- the scenarios are endless and one thing is a given, you’re going to have to get them sorted out in order to keep your mouth healthy and to keep you looking pretty in a demanding place like London W1 and this can only mean one thing- the dreaded braces and this can be a very lengthy treatment, well, that was until the 6 months brace came along. This device¬† acts in a similar way to traditional braces in the sense that it is fixed and caters for a lot of complications in the way the teeth have grown, but that’s generally where the similarities end. For a start, this brace uses modern materials to make it discreet in the mouth and aside from the aforementioned problems with teeth growth; it can also be used to re-align specific teeth as well. Once it is fitted, it gets straight to work and as the treatment progresses, it is tightened along the way to keep the teeth moving, but its title suggests just how efficient this device is, it can get your teeth sorted out in a little as six months, which can be a godsend for city people on the go.

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