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Feb 1st, 2013 Smiling In 6 Months In West London Get in touch

Some orthodontic treatments can be quite complex and therefore, often quite lengthy too. Problems such as overcrowding, under over and cross biting take precision to correct. But there are some very dainty braces around on the west London scene right now that can deal with complex scenarios and get your teeth corrected quickly; one such device is the 6 Months Brace. This on paper looks like a traditional brace and though it uses the same principles as these older braces, that’s where the similarity stops. This brace works more on the teeth that are ruining your smile and though fixed, it sits very discreetly in the mouth whilst getting to work fast. All the ceramic plates that will be attached to the surface of your teeth are coloured to fit in with your teeth, as is the wire that connects each of the plates and is then anchored at the back of the mouth. Your dentist will tighten it regularly so that your teeth are kept under tension and moving all the time. Fixed braces do come with the problem of cleaning, but once you have got this right, you’ll be okay; after all, it will all be over in 6 months anyway!

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