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Nov 16th, 2010 Smiling in central London Get in touch

As in central London, Americans live a fast and hectic lifestyle in the cities, and with regards to dental ‘fixes’, probably explains why some of the more faster and innovative ideas behind dental treatment come from there. Such a device is called the 6-month brace. It’s an aligning system aimed at adults to correct most orthodontic problems, such as aligning crooked teeth and filling gaps. Most adults are wary of starting a long course of teeth alignment during mid-life, so this would be the ideal quick-fix they require. Once this treatment is chosen, the teeth will be fitted with a number of tiny, white brackets connected by wires. A visit to the dentist will be required each month to monitor the movement and to reset the tension of the wire to maintain the pressure on the teeth. Once the course is complete and because of the speed of the procedure, a retainer should be worn for a short while after to prevent the teeth moving back again. The results are as good as any other aligner and are priced around £2500.

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