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Dec 5th, 2012 Smiling with style in Central London with Porcelain Veneers Get in touch

If you are a citizen or a regular visitor that plies your trade around central London, you will know that the way you present yourself is an essential ingredient in order to get ahead of the rat race and that certainly goes for the way you smile as it can be the first impression that you show to others. In today’s world, there is no reason to have poor teeth as there is a treatment for all seasons to keep you grinning with confidence, and one of the best treatments around, and has been for decades, is the porcelain veneer. For a start, porcelain is a magical material that absorbs and then reflects light in the most natural of ways, so just imagine that effect radiating from your mouth. It is a simple procedure: once your teeth have been prepped by removing the enamel, a cast is made of your teeth and then sent away so that these delicate little covers can be made. This takes around a couple of weeks (90 minutes with CEREC!), and on their return, they are bonded onto the surface of the teeth with cement and then cured with a heat lamp. Though they look and are fragile beforehand, their strength multiplies with the bonding and can last you a good 15 years if you look after them, but their real beauty is what they can cover up: problems from gaps, gum recession, worn down teeth, chips, cracks and discolouration can all be eradicated by fitting these little gems over your teeth- they literally can turn back the clock for your smile.

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