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Nov 4th, 2014 Snap on a Stunning New Smile in the Country’s Capital Get in touch

18625010Are you searching for a quick, affordable and completely painless way of getting a brand new smile? Using the Snap-on-Smile, we can transform your smile without the need for invasive treatment, drilling or injections.

It sounds too good to be true, but Snap-on-Smiles is a simple, painless and completely hassle-free means of getting the smile of your dreams!

About the Snap-on-Smile

A Snap-on-Smile is a light, comfortable appliance that transforms the appearance of your smile within seconds. It is placed on top of your teeth to create a sparkling new smile. Patients have a choice of styles and each individual appliance is custom-made based on an impression of the patient’s teeth.

Treatment only takes two sessions, both of which are completely painless, and wearing a Snap-on-Smile has no negative impact on your natural teeth at all.

During the first session, you will choose the style and shade of your new smile. Your dentist will then create the impression of your teeth, which will be sent away to the laboratory. Around 2-3 weeks later, we will book another appointment and you can come in and see your new smile for the first time. We simply place the Snap-on-Smile over your teeth and you can check out your new pearly whites in the mirror.

You can consume food and drink normally with a Snap-on-Smile, and your teeth will look completely natural.

How long does the Snap-on-Smile last?

The Snap-on-Smile should last around 3-5 years. It’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions and to take steps to keep your appliance clean and in good condition.

We now offer the Snap-on-Smile treatment from just £650! Call us today to book your consultation.

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