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Dec 31st, 2011 So what does Endodontics involve in West London? Get in touch

What’s an endodontist I hear you cry, people of west London? Well Endodontics is one of those specialist dental treatments that deal mainly with the nerves of your teeth and if you have suffered from a trauma due to injury, the roots of your teeth have become infected, or simply, you have let things get out of hand and are suffering from tooth decay, your regular dentist will call in an endodontist to solve the problem. One of the more common problems is that of tooth decay and this means that you will have to have root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. This means the nerves within the tooth have become badly infected and have to be removed. This is done by first removing the bad pulp in the tooth to enable the nerves to be drilled out and then once done the tooth is then filled and topped off with a crown. In some cases the nerves of the tooth can be saved by deep cleansing. Endodontics also covers traumas and accidents in order to protect the nerves after the event and to at least try to keep the tooth in the mouth at all costs.

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