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Nov 16th, 2012 Soothing a Mouth Ulcer in West London Get in touch

Mouth ulcers are one of those conditions in the mouth that there is no particular answer too, as what causes them can be a little bit of guess work from your dentist. But for anyone that has had one in west London, that’s cold comfort, as they are damn painful. Injury to the gum tissue from sharp abrasions from teeth, medication, stress, infection and smoking are all considered to be contributors to the condition- as is what you eat or drink, but when they erupt, they’re going to hang around for a good week and being so uncomfortable, you’ll want to treat them as best you can until they calm down. The first thing to do is to keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria as well as using an anti-bacterial mouthwash and if you smoke, stop until the ulcer has gone. Pain killers can be used to blanket the discomfort caused by a mouth ulcer but there are some excellent lozenges and gels that you can buy that give instant relief. Like any condition though, if the problems continues long after you have treated it, you’ll need to see your dentist or doctor to ensure nothing sinister is afoot.

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