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Jul 15th, 2010 Sort your smile with Inman aligner from West London dentist Get in touch

For patients who want straighter teeth but can’t face the prospect of wearing braces for up to three years it can be very frustrating, but there is now a new device that cold speeds up the process of orthodontic teeth straightening. The Inman aligner is a revolutionary new straightener that has taken the US by storm. It is capable of achieving straighter teeth in as little ten weeks, although most treatments last about six months.

The Inman aligner works by using a coiled spring mounted in the brace. This exerts pressure on the lateral teeth, forcing them to move outwards allowing room for the other teeth to move into and straighten. These are braced by a small wire that runs along the front of the teeth. This discreet wire is the only part of the brace that can be seen when the aligner is in the mouth.

The treatment is very fast as the Inman focuses mainly on the teeth that can be seen when smiling. Although it is not suitable for major corrections such as rotated teeth, for minor alignment issues it is more or less the perfect tool. The other major advantage of the Inman aligner from a West London dentist is that it is completely removable. This mean it can be taken out for more effective teeth cleaning and for social and sporting occasions. As long as the aligner is worn for about twenty hours a day it will still be very effective, although the more you wear it the faster it will achieve results.

If you have always wanted to put the finishing touches to your smile then try using the Inman aligner and see the stunning results.

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