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Jun 19th, 2012 Speak to Your Local London Dentist about how Gum Contouring can Brighten Your Smile Get in touch

Do you feel self-conscious when you smile? Are your gums too prominent in your smile? Do you dislike your gummy smile? Gum contouring offers a simple procedure that is able to subtly alter the shape of your gums in order to gain that perfect smile. Ideally, most people like their lips to reach just above the teeth when they smile. Using a scalpel or laser, your local London dentist is able to reduce the amount of gum so there are just white teeth shining when you smile.

The procedure only requires a local anaesthetic and is relatively easy. Using new laser technologies the contouring is quicker and easier than ever. Lasers have the advantage of sealing blood vessels as they go, allowing a cleaner procedure with very minimal blood. Since the procedure involves removing part of your soft tissue there is likely to be mild swelling and pain but most patients have a very fast recovery time and experience no more discomfort. During the recovery period it is advisable not to smoke and to brush carefully as your gums may be tender. Once recovered it is important to maintain good dental hygiene through brushing, flossing and regularly visiting your dentist.

While many patients feel a new sense of confidence in themselves with their new smile, it should be noted that a ‘gummy smile’ causes no medical issues and the treatment is purely for cosmetic reasons. Your local dentist will be able to lay out all the options to help you decide whether gum contouring is an option you want to take.

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