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Dental floss is an essential part of keeping good dental hygiene. While brushing regularly will remove the majority of plaque and food from your teeth, flossing is important for keep the spaces between the teeth clean. In between your teeth food particles can gather which can allow the growth of bacteria and the risk of tooth decay, flossing make sure that nothing gets stuck in these hard to reach places. Flossing can help maintain health teeth and gums by preventing many problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

There are several different types of floss; your local London dentist will be able to tell you what is appropriate for your individual needs. Floss is generally made of nylon or plastic, either in a single strand or a collection of smaller strands. The thickness of the strands varies depending on the size of the gap and other factors. Whether the floss is waxed or unwaxed, flavoured or unflavoured is up to your own personal tastes. Waxed floss is made to slide more smoothly in between your teeth, and so advised if your teeth are tightly packed, while unwaxed squeaks against the teeth when they are clean. A variety of flavours are available, most commonly mint but also available in more exotic flavours.

To floss, get about 18 inches of floss and wrap it each end around a finger on both hands. Plastic instruments that hold the floss in place are available if needed. With the floss it is advised that you move the floss along the edge of the tooth in a C shape, this will gently scrape off any plaque and particles. Follow the edge of the tooth up above the gum line, moving very gently, to clean the entire height of the tooth. Do this at least once a day in order to maintain excellent dental hygiene.

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