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Aug 15th, 2010 Specially designed Invisalign Teen braces from West London dentist Get in touch

Being a teenager is never easy, and gets even less easy when you are told that you have to wear braces. Of course this will benefit you in the long run, but it is often very difficult to see the big picture when you are young and struggling to deal with hormones and emotions. This is why dentists have been striving for years to make orthodontic treatment as low impact as possible. It seems like they have finally struck upon the answer.

Invisalign Teen braces are specially designed braces for teenage patients that not only straighten the teeth on average six-months faster than normal braces, but also offer a treatment that is almost completely invisible. The retainer type braces are made from one millimetre thick clear plastic, which is very difficult to spot unless you know it is there or are very close to the patients mouth, and even then it may not be noticeable.

Invisalign Teen braces also come with some special features just for younger patients. They are designed to allow late developing molar teeth to emerge unimpeded and also have blue tabs that change colour when they have been worn for sufficiently long. Ok, in all honesty this last feature is probably more for the parents but if they are paying for it they probably want to know that their child is sticking to the West London dentist’s advice about how long the retainers need to be worn for.

As well as these features, and the obvious discretion of treatment, the other major benefit is that Invisalign braces are completely removable. This means that Invisalign braces will not interrupt the cleaning of teeth, which could happen when using the traditional bracket braces.

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