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Apr 17th, 2011 Spotting and fighting Oral Cancer in the City of London Get in touch

Although cancer refuses to go away and still remains a killer, it no longer holds the stigma of being unbeatable anymore. Thanks to people becoming more aware of the symptoms and, the amount of finance and technology that has been pumped into researching the disease, the success rates of overcoming it have soared. However, in the case of oral cancer in the city of London, reported cases are on the rise. A lot of this has been attributed to modern excesses; fast food, smoking, excessive drinking, fast living stress and unhealthy diet. All these factors breakdown the body’s natural immune system, leaving the mouth vulnerable to disease and can cause neck and ear pain, sore throats, aching jaw and repetitive ulcers- signs that there could be a problem with oral cancer. If you ‘nail’ the problem quickly by having tests with your dentist, then you can get the treatment you need as soon as possible. Being diagnosed with oral cancer also takes a complete lifestyle and attitude change. Get the best diet you can and get yourself into shape. You have a real fight on your hands, but if you’re prepared to get in the ring and take on the best the disease has to offer, it’s been proven that psychologically, most people with this attitude come out winners. And once it’s over, there is a lot of support at hand from various circles that can help you to get over the trauma and assist in maintaining that spirit you developed to beat it in the first place.

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