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Jan 21st, 2014 Stomping out Bad Breath in West London Get in touch

2904341_blogIf you detect that you are suffering from bad breath, you have to do something about it fairly sharply, otherwise you could be putting your mouth and gums in peril, and even the health of your body. As well as this, you will find friends and work colleagues peeling away from you. Stopping bad breath can be tricky, as it can be caused by many things, so you will have to be patient and eliminate every possibility one by one. Your dentist is vital for this and it is a good place to start to see if everything is okay with your teeth and gums- get some advice and then, the rest is down to you. Sit down and look at your life: do you smoke, do you drink a lot- have you a poor diet? If you do identify with any or even all of these, you must try to change to give yourself a chance. Then you must address your oral hygiene- mix it up with herbal remedies and turn it around- change your toothpaste and brush and improve your technique of cleaning. Chew sugar free gum, sweets and drink lots of water for oral hydration; avoid caffeine and sugar based foods and drinks. This may take weeks before you re-balance your mouth again and rid yourself of this condition in west London, but you can and must do it for your own good.


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