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May 10th, 2012 Stopping Teeth Grinding in Central London Get in touch

If you suffer from a lot of stress as you try to get by in the busy world of central London, you may well be doing yourself a lot of damage which may become very serious in the future when the damage comes to light. One of the problems caused by stress is teeth grinding, yet you probably would know you are suffering from it for a long time. This condition comes from the lack of ability to relax after a heavy day and if you take that pent-up stress to the bedroom with you, you may well being getting a poor night’s sleep, as well as grinding your teeth too. If your teeth and jaws are starting to ache in the morning, it is a sign you are having a problem, but if your jaws start to click, even lock in place, or your teeth look worn, you have a serious problem. It is imperative that this disorder is stopped straight away, otherwise you will do untold damage to your upper body- from your teeth to your neck. A dentist can prescribe you some form of mouth-guard to save your teeth, as well as rebuilding really damaged ones, but that doesn’t get to the core of the problem- stress. Stress needs to be defused in order to stop the grinding; if you identify that you suffer from a problem, your dentist can help guide you towards stress counselling and maybe anger management courses that will isolate issues behind your stress, teach you ways to unwind and relax before your head hits the pillow and hopefully stop you grinding your teeth.

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