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Feb 17th, 2012 Stopping Teeth Grinding in West London Get in touch

1787127_blogIf you are a person on the go and have an awful lot to get through in your average day in west London, chances are, you may be leaving yourself open to a lot of stress.

Not a problem if everything is going to plan, but a couple of weeks of disaster and you could find yourself becoming a coffee drinking snarling master in danger of disaster. And another thing you may also have missed is just how angry you have become and how much you are clenching down on your teeth in frustration.

Now you are seriously putting your teeth, jaws, head, neck, and upper back in danger if you allow this process to go on. If you get home at night and fail to relax properly and forget the turmoil of the day, you will take your angst into your sleep, where you will grind your teeth in anger, which will affect all of the above areas of the body.

Once you have discovered that you are grinding your teeth, you need to confront the problem head on and seek advice from your dentist. You can get a mouth-guard fitted to protect your teeth from damage, but your dentist will also point you in the right direction for stress counseling in order to unwind from a hectic day. There is another caution attached to teeth grinding, because if you allow it to continue, it may affect the nerves from your brain, because of the damage it causes to your vertebrae.

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