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Dec 13th, 2009 Straight and white teeth with Clearstep braces from Central London dentist Get in touch

For patients who are unhappy with their smile but unwilling to face the pain and discomfort of fixed metal braces, a revolutionary system called Clearstep could be just the solution they have been looking for. Clearstep is an affordable and effective way of straightening teeth that comes with the huge advantage of being almost completely invisible.

The Clearstep system can be used to straighten teeth that are suffering from overcrowding, overlapping or all forms of bite misalignments. The system uses a series of thin plastic aligners to reposition teeth. Because the aligners are made of such thin and clear plastic they are very hard to notice, especially from any kind of distance. They are also completely removable so they can be taken out for important occasions. They can also be removed when eating food so the annoyance of having to miss out on certain foods because of fragile braces can now be avoided. Clearstep braces can also be used in tandem with whitening gels to help remove stains and discolouration in a remarkable time saving innovation.

The benefits of the Clearstep brace system clearly include the discretion the braces offer to more sensitive wearers. But further advantages also include a greater degree of comfort and less irritation to the soft tissue in the mouth. As the braces are removable, there is no hindrance to cleaning which often occurs with fixed bracket braces.

The cost of Clearstep varies but most Central London dentists will offer the treatment for between £1,500 and £2,500 depending on the level of treatment required by the individual patient. An initial consultation with a dentist will allow you to gain a clearer picture of the exact cost of treatment.

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