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Sep 13th, 2010 Straight teeth for your wedding with Inman aligner from West London dentist Get in touch

There are many ways of straightening teeth these days rather than just the conventional metal braces. Patients now have the choice of a whole manner of braces, retainers and aligners that work more efficiently, more comfortably and faster than traditional braces.

One of the most popular modern teeth aligners is called the Inman and is capable of straightening teeth in as little as two months, although most treatments will take about six months. The Inman aligner was originally designed in the US and has taken the UK by storm over the last few years. The aligner works by focusing attention on the teeth that are visible when smiling. To do this it uses the power of a coiled spring on the tongue side of the teeth which applies pressure to the lateral teeth. As these are pushed outwards, space is created in the front for the teeth to be aligned. This is achieved with a discreet metal bar that runs along the front of the teeth. This is the only part of the brace that is visible when smiling.

The Inman aligner is also completely removable which means that it can be taken out when cleaning the teeth and for important social and sporting occasions. The Inman aligner is available now from West London dentists and is also considerably cheaper than regular braces.

The Inman aligner works so fast because it has even become popular with brides to be who want to have the perfect smile for their wedding day. So if you have always been slightly self-conscious about the position of your teeth the Inman aligner could be the right device for you.

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