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Sep 14th, 2010 Straight teeth without the metal with Invisalign from Central London dentist Get in touch

Have you ever thought about braces but couldn’t face the thought of having to sacrifice your smile for up to three years while they straighten your teeth? Do your teenager’s teeth need straightening but the thought of standing out from the crowd doesn’t fill them with too much joy? Then you may be interested to learn more about Invisalign braces.

Invisalign is a revolutionary new system that straightens teeth using invisible retainers so you can have the smile you want with out the metal brackets and wires spoiling your smile. The invisible retainers are made from one-millimetre thick clear plastic and are specially designed to fit your teeth. Each retainer is worn for about three weeks before it is replaced with another that has a slight adjustment. Over the course of treatment about twenty-five retainers are used in all, which gradually move the teeth into the desired position. Because the retainers are see-through they are almost impossible to notice unless standing very close to the mouth of the patient.

The other major benefit of the Invisalign system is that the braces are completely removable which means they can be taken out when cleaning the teeth. This means that you can avoid the staining that can occur when you wear fixed bracket braces. It also means that the braces can be taken out if you want to for special occasions. As long as the braces are worn for an average of twenty hours a day they will be completely effective. You can learn more about Invisalign braces from your Central London dentist at your next appointment. They can also give you more of an idea about cost, which will usually be less than traditional braces but will depend on the length of treatment needed.

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