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Jul 18th, 2012 Straight Teeth without the Train Tracks. Ask Your London Dentist About Invisalign Get in touch

Unlike most braces, Invisalign does not require the constant adjust of your semi-permanent braces. Through a series of different braces Invisalign technology is capable of gradually shifting your teeth into the shape you desire for the perfect smile. The best part is that Invisalign can do this for you all while remaining almost invisible.

Made of a strong, clear plastic material, Invisalign are designed to fit very tightly against your teeth, which has two effects. Firstly, the pressure that is created by the tightness is part of what helps to gradually shift your teeth over time. While most braces require a series of wires with which to create pressure, Invisalign is able to do it just as effectively with only plastic through the careful design of the shape. The close fitting design of Invisalign also means that they are almost invisible to other people.

Once your London dentist has completed their scans to gather the shape, size and position of your teeth, the Invisalign braces will be produced to your exact specifications. But unlike traditional braces, there will not be one single set made but a series of Invisalign braces that gradually change into the desired formation of teeth. Roughly every two weeks you will begin using a new brace which will put slightly more pressure than the last one until the correct position has been reached. Invisalign braces are changing orthodontic dentistry, find out if they can help you the smile you hope for.

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