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Oct 19th, 2009 Straight white teeth with Clearstep treatment from West London dentist Get in touch

Clearstep braces are the latest in modern, quick and affordable orthodontic technology. Incredibly discrete, Clearstep braces can be used to treat common dental issues such as overcrowding, unevenly spaced teeth and under or overbite issues. The Clearstep system involves a number of removable and see-through positioners that gently manipulate the teeth into place by applying gentle pressure on the incorrectly positioned teeth. Clearstep braces can be worn by almost any patient, including children.

Clearstep aligners offer a discrete alternative to metal braces which can be unseemly and uncomfortable. Patients are often unwilling to sacrifice up to two years of wearing irritating metal brackets just to have straight teeth but with Clearstep, the transparent and discreet retainers offer a genuinely flexible alternative. The Clearstep aligners also have the advantage of being completely removable meaning they can be taken out for important meetings or social occasions. They can even be taken out at mealtimes meaning that, unlike regular braces, no type of food is off the menu.

The Clearstep treatment can also be complemented by a special whitening gel that the dentist can add to the retainer to remove stains. This means that patients can be simultaneously straightening and whitening their teeth in a complete smile makeover.

Clearstep has some clear advantages over the traditional metal braces. Obviously the appearance is a major plus point for the Clearstep system, but just as important is the greater level of control it gives to the wearer. Because it is completely removable, teeth can be brushed and flossed as normal maintaining a good standard of oral hygiene. This often suffers with metal braces because it is so hard to clean around them.

Clearstep treatment vary in cost but for a full treatment you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of £2000 pounds. A West London dentist will be able to give you a more accurate estimation of cost and can also outline further the benefits of using the Clearstep system.

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