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Jun 28th, 2016 Straighten Your Teeth with See-Through Braces Get in touch

header_image4Young people in particular have found that traditional metal braces can severely hamper their confidence during years which can already be socially awkward.  Braces can be difficult to clean, are non-removable and can affect the speech of the wearer.  Invisalign braces are different and offer patients with crooked teeth the chance to have a perfect smile by wearing a product that is virtually invisible.

About Invisalign

Invisalign braces are made from clear plastic, which has led to them being dubbed ‘the invisible brace’ or ‘the see-through brace’.  Dentists use cutting edge computer technology and 3D images from digital x-rays to quickly and efficiently construct Invisalign braces tailored to the exact shape of your mouth.

You will need to wear your Invisalign brace for 22 hours every day so that your teeth can be adequately adjusted, but Invisalign braces are completely removable.  No longer will you have to struggle to clean your metal brace with its wires and brackets.  There is no tightening of wires involved, your dentist will simply provide you with new Invisalign braces as and when your need them to continue the adjustment of your teeth.

All of this means that Invisalign braces are much more comfortable than traditional braces, an added bonus to complement that fact that they are all but invisible. If your London dentist is certified with Invisalign, you will be able to receive a consultation to ascertain if the treatment is right for you.

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