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Dec 17th, 2009 Straighter teeth and fuller profile with Damon braces from City of London dentist Get in touch

Damon braces are not just an updated version of the conventional fixed-metal brace, they are a completely new way of straightening teeth. The key difference with the Damon brace system is that it involves no painful extractions of otherwise healthy teeth or palatal expanders to create the necessary room for straightening. This traditional approach to straightening takes longer and causes far more discomfort to the patient, and also creates a much narrower dental arch and flatter profile. The Damon brace aims to achieve a natural, healthy looking ten-tooth smile specifically designed to improve profile and the overall facial appearance of each individual patient.

The three main goals of the Damon brace system are to deliver straighter teeth faster, with fewer appointments and less discomfort. To achieve this, the Damon team had to create new innovative technology such as self-ligating wires and shape-memory wires. The self-ligating wire eliminates the need for elastic or metal ties removing the need for regular tightening and also being more hygienic. The shape-memory wires allow teeth to be moved faster and with fewer adjustments.

Damon braces produce results on average six months faster than conventional metal braces and require significantly fewer office visits during the treatment. Because fewer tightening appointments are needed, the level of discomfort during treatment is kept to a minimum.

Damon braces are creating new orthodontic technologies that are becoming more and more popular with City of London dentists. The faster, more comfortable treatment combined with the care taken to produce a strong profile is attracting more and more patients to the Damon system.

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