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Nov 20th, 2009 Straighter teeth in six weeks with Inman aligner form City of London dentist Get in touch

The Inman aligner is a type of orthodontic straightening device that can be used to straighten overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth. The Inman aligner is perfectly suited for the straightening of slightly overcrowded upper and lower front teeth, the teeth most commonly seen when smiling. Serious or heavy overcrowding may need some prior orthodontic treatment or extractions before the Inman aligner can be effective. A consultation with a City of London dentist will determine whether you are suitable for an Inman aligner.

Similar to other modern straightening devices the Inman aligner is completely removable. This means it can be taken out for teeth cleaning, sports, important social or professional occasions and most importantly eating. Eating with any kind of orthodontic appliance can be messy and unpleasant and some food can even be impossible to eat. The Inman aligner can be removed so the impact of the retainer is reduced.

The Inman aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to move the lateral teeth out to create room for the front teeth to move into. A bar that runs along the front of these teeth straightens them by pushing and pulling them into position. This metal bar is the only part of the retainer that is visible. This is more discreet than the old-fashioned fixed metal braces but not quite as discreet as some of the modern day invisible plastic retainers.

The Inman aligner may lose out slightly on discretion but it more than makes up for this with speed of treatment. Treatment times usually average between six and sixteen weeks, depending on how long the patients wear the retainer for each day. This is an incredible 75 per cent faster than other treatments, including most transparent retainers.

The Inman aligner may be slightly uncomfortable when initially fitted but this usually fades after a few days. Most orthodontic appliances will be similarly sensitive when initially used. After this there is very little discomfort experienced by most patients. The cost of treatment usually varies between £1,250 and £1,500 depending on the scale of treatment needed by the patient and who is fitting the aligner. Make an appointment to see a City of London dentist to find out more about the Inman aligner.

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