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Jul 12th, 2010 Straighter teeth the easy way with Six Month Brace from London dentist Get in touch

Orthodontics, the process of artificially straightening the teeth, can have a really dramatic effect on the appearance of the smile and can also improve profile and the shape of the face. There are many types of brace available to patients depending on their individual needs. Traditional metal braces are often not favoured by patients because they have a reputation for being slightly uncomfortable, ugly and treatment can last for many years. This can be as long as three years, which for a teenager or younger patient is a very long time indeed.

One of the newest braces on the market is the Six Month Brace. As you can probably tell from the clever name, these braces aim to straighten teeth in just six months. Six Month braces are made in the US and have become very popular with the youth market over there because they offer such a speedy treatment time. The braces have also been specially designed to be very discreet in order to limit the visual impact of the brace. Another reason why they have become very popular with the teenage market in the states and a similar pattern is emerging in the UK. The wires and brackets used by the brace are tooth coloured or made from clear plastic, which reduces the impact often made by metal wires and brackets in traditional braces.

Another major advantage of Six Month Braces is that they require fewer tightening appointments that are often painful and unpleasant. They also allow London dentist to make a more accurate post-treatment prediction, as the results promised by the Six Month are very consistent. Ask your dentist for more information about the Six Month Brace and you could experience straighter teeth for yourself without all the fuss, pain and discomfort of metal braces.

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