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Jun 12th, 2012 Suffering from Bad Breath? Your Local West London Dentist can Help You Solve the Problem through Tongue Cleaning Get in touch

Throughout the day bacteria, fungi, and food particles can build up on the surface of the tongue. Not only is this a common cause of bad breath but the bacteria can spread and damage the surrounding teeth and gums. Speak to your local West London dentist for recommendations on what tongue cleaning tool is right for you.

While most people are well informed about caring for their teeth, the tongue has often been overlooked. This is changing as an increasing number tongue cleaning tools are coming on to the market. Tongue cleaners come in many different forms, whether wires similar to dental floss or plastic ridges, they all work by scrapping any residue off the tongue. Many modern toothbrushes now come with a tongue cleaner on the underside of the brush. Be careful cleaning the back of the tongue, some people find this may initiate their gag reflex, simply relax the tongue and move slow to avoid this.

There are several important reasons for tongue cleaning. Bad breath, ‘halitosis’, can be caused by the bacteria, food particles, and dead cells that accumulate on the tongue. Most bad breath is caused by the bacteria that builds up on the back of the tongue, an area that is rarely incidentally cleaned by your toothbrush. Keeping a clean tongue can have a huge effect on your general oral hygiene, through your saliva the bacteria breeding on your tongue is spread to all parts of your mouth. When the bacterium reaches the teeth and gums it can begin to cause serious damage through tooth decay and gum disease.

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