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Mar 16th, 2015 Super Snap-On Smiles Get in touch

4683491_blogIf you’re looking for a super simple way of transforming your pearly whites, look no further than Snap-On Smiles! This innovative, custom-made appliance creates beautiful smiles with minimal hassle.

What is Snap-On Smiles?

Snap-On Smiles is an excellent solution for people who have worn, unsightly or chipped teeth who long for a perfect set of pearly whites. The good news is that this treatment doesn’t involve any drilling, invasive treatment or injections – you simply pop your bespoke appliance on and your smile will look stunning.

Snap-On Smiles look similar to mouth guards, but they are light and delicate and they are designed to mimic a beautiful set of natural teeth. The aim is to create your dream smile at a fraction of the cost of a cosmetic dental makeover and to complete this process with no hassle and absolutely no interference with the teeth or gums.

Snap-On Smiles can be an alternative to dentures, veneers and dental bridges.

The treatment process

Each appliance is custom-made to ensure that it fits your teeth perfectly and we create an impression of your teeth to send away to the laboratory. There is a choice of shapes and shades, so you choose the smile style you prefer and your new Snap-On Smile is then manufactured by highly skilled technicians and returned to us. When the appliance is ready, we fit it and you can see your amazing new smile. The Snap-On Smile fits onto the teeth very easily and you can eat and drink with it in place.

How long does a Snap-On Smile last?

The Snap-On Smile should last between 3 and 5 years provided that it is well looked after.

If you’d like to find out more about Snap-On Smiles, simply call us and arrange a consultation. The smile of your dreams could be just around the corner!

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